Methodology: We own a training methodology designed exclusively for our company by a UEFA Licensed coach. Through this structure, we’ll perform high quality training sessions to improve, track and measure physical, technical and tactical skills on every player. We care about details that will be key in the future success.

Elite UEFA Licensed coaches, designed our training methodology with state of the art and elite methods for our footballers.

Maximum perfection of the individual technique. Intense work on collective technique. Improvement of technical strategy.
Automatisms of game systems in both attack and defense. Development of different tactical schemes of diverse application. Development of conditional capacities: flexibility, speed and strength.

Technical strategy. Automatic sense of general technical gestures. Workout interrelated with tactics and physical preparation. Knowledge of game systems. Development of offensive principles and defensive principles. Offensive and defensive strategy. Development of conditional capabilities: strength, speed, flexibility.

Development of the individual technique. Development of the collective technique. To influence what was developed in previous stages. Knowledge of the offensive and defensive principles of tactics. Knowledge of game systems. Development of coordinating capacities.

Execution of circuits directed to the improvement of the coordinating capacities to fix previous learnings and to improve the conditional capacities. Practice of technical, tactical and strategic situations where the capacities of perception and decision making intervene. Carrying out cooperative games with the maximum participation of all members of the group, in attacking, defending, with and without opposition, in inferiority and with numerical superiority.

Start the technical work from routes and circuits. Start teamwork, both in attack and defence. Initiate and develop space-temporal capacity to improve sensory-motor coordination. Use learning based on reduced space games of cooperation and where perceptual and decision-making abilities intervene.

Promote in the child the passion for football.
Concepts like: Know their position in the field and play as a team. At these ages of initiation into football will seek the motor development of the player, detecting individual deficiencies in the technical, tactical, physical, psychological aspects and development of specific individual training to correct or improve them.

Our program has a Complex and Elite Football Atmosphere, based on the following aspects:

Scouting: A network of professional scouts will be included in our recruitment and talent development area. With special contacts and procedures we can make our athletes dreams come true. International Coaches: Will be several times per season in the country to teach, control and improve the training standards to be applied in the program. Coaches from the elite football contexts will contribute to the evolution of skills in each player.

International Coaches: They will visit Pakistan several times a season to teach, regulate and improve on the existing training standards applied in the program. Coaches with professional football qualifications will contribute towards the advancement of each individual player’s skills.

Technology (Performance analysis): Special software is used as a powerful measuring tool to track evolution and development of skills. This technology is used in our players to track, motivate and evaluate the success of the methods applied.

Values: Football teach at every moment, important behaviour and conduct skills that may be used in any other moment or scenario in life. Team work, discipline, honesty, respect, responsibility and more, are values being though constantly in our program. We keep track on each players evolution as a footballer and as a human being.


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